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2004-11-07 - 1:40 p.m.

So we went to the family fish fry yesterday. All of Teetsville loaded up and drove forth...all the way to Jackson, Mississippi, where assorted Teets of family may be found once a year at fish fry time. We arrived fashionably late and missed any depressing talk of any of the permanently missing family members.

This gathering consists of the 5 brothers, of which my dad is eldest, and all their families which extend to spouses, children, and grandchildren. It's a big group. I was noticing last night that the children of the 5 brothers have chosen a lot of interesting careers. Some have yet to find their careers, but of the ones who are actually doing what they prepared themselves to do, we have a few really interesting ones, like Myra, the radio DJ, one cousin is a helicopter pilot, he is looking to buy his own helicopter so he can live on a beach somewhere and sell 'copter rides. Very lucrative line of work... Actually, we have a few pilots in the family, we have an advertising executive, we had a pyrotechnician who ran the fireworks displays for his city (he's the one who died). The others are too young to be established yet. Now that I think of it, "hospital consultant" seems kinda boring compared to some of these other careers. But it's still a little unusual. Most people who work for a hospital have a more conventional job than consultant.

Today is Bink's birthday and I gots to go shopping. I waited sort of last minute, but I know what I'm getting for her and it's just a matter of going to get it. I'd better do that right now.

Later gators!

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