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2003-07-10 - 5:20 p.m.


Here is a picture of the actual doll.


Here is an exerpt from an article I dug up about this embarrassing toy:

When activated via a push button located on the bare-chested doll's back, the Mattel-made figure emits a jungle yell and wiggles its low-slung right hand--slung right next to its crotch.

"The articulation of the arm allows for...Well, let's just say it sends a positive message of being really comfortable with one's body," a Netizen writes in a post entitled, "Self-Pleasure Tarzan?," on an action-figures newsgroup.

A second cyber toy fan describes Tarzan's howl during this little show as "amazingly strong and forceful." And yet another sums up Rad Repeatin' this way: "As perverted a toy will never find again."

End of exerpt.

Is that funny or what? Disney has a little history of making toys sexually inappropriate for children. Accident?? Or pervy Disney employees?? You be the judge.

Remember the news stories about porn versions of certain animated movies? And the word S-E-X appears very briefly in the smoke on "The Lion King". Brace yourself for an abrupt ending to this entry.

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