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2004-03-28 - 9:14 a.m.


This entire next week, I am officially on vacation. I will not be going on any client calls for the next 7 days. I think I am going to attempt to organize a garage sale. The last time I had one, I made 800 bucks off it. I have a whole lot of accumulated stuff that I don't need.

One week from tomorrow I have a new project to start on, but for this week, my schedule is clear.

It's time for spring cleaning, so it's not the fun variety of vacation. It's the stay at home and do stuff I won't have time for once this new job gets underway vacation.

On my new gig, I will be going back through 1 year's worth of charts and recovering lost revenue. But I don't want to talk about that today. Cause I'm on VACATION!

I need to not let myself get trapped in another 9-5 job, at one desk, at one computer, ever again if I can avoid it. I have to make a living, but I can freelance it and that is what I like best. I took the full time job for security and learned that there is no such thing. You just get paid less money and treated crappy by some chump that doesn't deserve to lick your boots. My security is in my abilities. I can always make a living. That's freedom.

Now - I have some things I've been neglecting around my home. My bedroom is a mess. I have books stacked up and do-dads all over the place and one of my two closets in here is full of stuff I never look at. I am going to hull that sucker out this week and make myself some decent storage area. Everything I don't use is going in the garage sale. It seems like I clean everything out and get rid of a ton of stuff about once a year and then it all comes back at the speed of light. How do I accumulate so much STUFF?

I'm a stuff-haver. A haver of things. A user of do-dads. A harborer of trinkets. A collector of books. A fetishist for sheets. A keeper of knick-knacks. A lover of lotions. A catastrophe of candles. A magazine monger.

Yes, that's me.

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