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2004-05-11 - 8:26 p.m.

You will very rarely ever see a political viewpoint in Teetsville. There's a reason for that. I'm trying to have fun with this diary and there is not much fun in political debate as far as I'm concerned. For a Libra, who sees all sides, there's just too many shades of gray to be very concrete about anything.

Here's something I'm willing to be concrete about: WHO THE HELL IS SURPRISED BY THE LATEST DEVELOPMENT IN THE IRAQ SHITFEST??? I'm talking about the capture and beheading of an innocent American civilian in Iraq. Not even a soldier. Guilty of no war crimes, just a 26 year old guy trying to get contracts overseas.

Is there a single living soul in their right mind who did not expect the violence against Americans abroad to go up after displaying the prison torture pictures for the world to see? Never mind the fact that Saddam did worse things to his own people for no reason other than to reinforce his absolute power in their beaten down eyes.

Never mind the fact that most of the things we've heard of happening to those Iraqi prisoners has happened to every frat boy in America during hazing.

Obviously, being sodomized with sticks is not supposed to be a part of hazing, or the treatment of prisoners, but we've all heard the stories.

Please understand I do not condone the mistreatment of prisoners in any way, shape, or form. I just find it interesting that attrocities are business as usual to the Iraqis, Al Quaida, and other assorted terrorists everywhere, but let an American commit an attrocity and you've got yourself a brand new Jihad. Woohoo!

You gotta wonder whose side the American media is on.

These Middle Eastern countries are populated with people who cut the heads off innocents and scream in their language "God is great". I'm sure God is really eating this stuff up. These are people who strap bombs onto their own wives and children and send them to die while they murder others in the name of Allah. The naked dogpile sounds a little weak in comparison.

Real smooth move, broadcasting it all over the world. Let's make sure that Americans won't be able to move freely overseas anywhere. Let's give up our journalists, traveling engineers, missionaries, and hell, why not the vacationing Americans too?

Before this decapitation thing happened and pissed me off enough to say this stuff, I'd been mulling over a similar topic in my head, but it came too close to the dreaded category of "politics", plus, my observations may be mistaken for a condoning of the abuse of those prisoners. I am sure to have some seriously unpopular viewpoints, due to my sociology/psychology interests.

I might as well share it now, don't you think? My theory is that even good people do things in certain situations that they wouldn't ordinarily do in another situation.

Imagine being in Iraq, in hot, sandy, miserable, dangerous Iraq. The people there hate Americans. They want to kill Americans. They do unspeakable things to them whenever they get a chance. To be caught over there is to be tortured and killed. Now take some kid who was playing video games and being irresponsible last year and put him in that situation.

Consider the psychology of soldiers in a war situation. They HATE the enemy. Think about a high school football team. They HATE the enemy. At a football rally I attended a while back, they asked the players "What you gonna do tonight?" and the players yelled back in unison "HURT SOMEBODY!!" That's kind of appalling, but it's what happens. When you have a group of people united fighting against another group in a war or even a game, it's not a very wide leap from playing by the rules to blind hatred and fury.

It is my opinion that some soldiers get into such a state of fear, isolation from "real life", discomfort, and blind rage against the enemy that the lines get blurred. I think good people commit bad things when the circumstances are just so.

That's all I'm sayin'.

I do not condone prisoner abuse, and they should be punished for the wrong they did and sent into some kind of re-humanizing, de-programming, sensitivity training or something... but I don't believe these soldiers are necessarily evil. They were put in a situation most of us can't really fully comprehend. While they were wrong for doing it, I can see how it could happen.

And yes, if my daughter was sodomized with a stick, I wouldn't give a shit what kind of "intense situation" led to it. I'd be out for blood, regardless of the circumstances. I'm just making a sociological observation.


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