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2007-06-20 - 12:20 p.m.

I have discovered the meaning of life.

At least I have discovered my own personal theme. My theme is "Hassle Wilberteets as much as possible, cause she fuckin loves it." My other theme is "make as much uncomfortable change as humanly possible and snatch the rug out at every turn. This bitch won't know which end is sticking up."

My purpose in life is to go through it on the ragged edge of disaster, always grasping for purchase and never quite attaining it. My lot in life is to be forever outside my comfort zone and for all my attempts at trying to avoid emotional and psychic pain to be foiled and shut down.

Yep. That is it.

I'm pissed.

Oh fuckin well. I am going to go forth and spend a large amount of money on a luxury item.

Right this instant.

Catch you later. Hope your fucking week is going a lot better than mine.

PS: My job is fine, I still like my new place. No one is dying. Just... something shitty happened that I don't want to talk about yet. Eventually.

Gotta get over it a little first.

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