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2005-04-28 - 10:18 p.m.

My favorite band, SEETHER, is releasing their new CD on May 24. I could not possibly be more stoked. I did a pre-order today and I'm getting the new CD delivered to my house on the release date. Since I pre-paid, I get a free year long subscription to Rolling Stone Magazine and a Seether dog tag, which I intend to wear. The pre-paid price was only 9.99. But I chose the expensive delivery so I could have it immediately upon release. Cause I'm dedicated like that.

Anyhoo... if you go to www.seether.com and click on the "News" link, there is a write up about the new release and a link to go pre-order. You too could have a great CD, and a year long Rolling Stone subscription. And a dog tag. Disclaimer II is their last release and it's my favorite CD. It has 20 tracks and a bonus DVD of concert footage and videos! Great deal. At the bottom of the page on the website, there is a banner for their new video. You can watch the new video. Shaun Morgan looks just like Corey. It's QUITE amazing. There is a "music" link where you can watch their other videos too.

I loves me some Seether.

Can't wait for May 24.

I am running a bunch of banners right now so new people will stop by and go on to the Seether website. Start requesting "Remedy" by Seether at all your local rock stations!



Has anyone else noticed the shocking trend of old ladies wearing ridiculous get-ups of red and purple, always with a huge red floppy hat with a big red flower on the side of it???

This disturbing trend is the unfortunate result of that poem about "when I get old, I'll wear shit that doesn't match and no one will report me to the fashion police because I'm OLD... and furthermore... I'll say any old rude bit of none-o-my-business that hits my elderly brain cause being old carries that right. I'll take liberties like nobody's business and generally upset and annoy all who cross my path. Fear me, for I art old."

Or some shit like that.

Do you know that poem? Have you seen it? It has started a huge trend of bad fashions on old ladies.

I live in a casino hotel, so I see a whole lot of old folks and a good number of the female ones are wearing "the uniform". It's kind of funny.

One old lady was toddling along, barely able to stand under the weight of her noggin with that enormous floppy hat.

I kid you not.

Now - having said all that, I'd like to state for the record that my own sweet adopted grandma wants a big fat red hat. I love her and if the hat she chose had not been an astounding 299 bucks, I might have bought it for her. I would even agree to be seen with her in it.

I changed the order of the topics on this entry so the new Seether banner clickers would see something about Seether right away instead of old ladies.

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