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2004-05-08 - 9:09 p.m.

We had one of our classic emergencies around Teetsville this morning. Bink left the hair dryer on the counter in the bathroom and the cat knocked it into the toilet. At first we didn't know if we should throw the breaker and get the dryer out of the toilet, or just unplug it. So Myra read the warning tag without touching anything and it said you could unplug it as long as you didn't touch the water. I had to grab the cat as he was advancing towards the bowl like a kitty with a purpose. When I grabbed him, he went into a mad scramble. It was so funny, because every muscle in his body was tensed and he was freaking out. Sheer panic.

We get lots of laughs around here.

As my regular readers know, we have a two year old in the hizzouse. Myra calls her "Bee" most of the time. When she is not busy wreaking havoc, she is pretty funny with her little 2 foot tall self.

Yesterday, Bee got up in the morning and stumbled her way to Myra. Her hair was all sticking up and she was cutting quite a figure with her saggy diaper and her fuzzy noggin. Bustin' a sag, as it were. Usually she is not the most delightful of creatures when she first wakes up. The wise thing to do is get her interested in a kid show as quick as possible. With this in mind, Myra said "Good morning, Bee! Do you want to watch the Teletubbies?" Bee said "No mama. Tinky Winky is buh-tarded."

That Tinky Winky gets a bad rap. First Falwell says he's gay, and now this. Buh-tarded.

This kid says a bunch of things that are funny. When she gets hurt in any way, whether the skin is broken or not, she says "I need a Bee-band". Bee-band = Bandaid. Instead of triangle, she says "Endrangle".

When I got home from my latest road trip, I asked her if she had a good time at preschool and if she had gotten to play in the ball pit, which is something she loves to do. She said "No, I didn't get to play in the pit ball today because I was takin' a fit." She frequently "takes a fit".

Bee calls her teacher "Miss Snoozin". Her name is Susan.

Stop the press! Just now, at this very moment, I heard Myra's voice in a panic saying "You've gotta poop? Wait!! Don't poop in my Robe!!"

You can get a lot of laughs just listening around here.

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