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2003-08-15 - 9:57 a.m.


My sister is a local celebrity. She's a popular radio DJ. I listen to her on the radio while I work and we frequently call each other during work days. One day, we were talking on the phone and she said she was having a sort of blah day and she was feeling not quite up to par... not looking like such a hottie today... so I said "Oh yeah? Well, I'm having a bad hair day and I don't even care. It must be don't-give-a-fuck-day, because my hair looks like I slept with my head in a coffee can and I can't even care." Then we laughed for about 5 minutes. Woohoo. Funny stuff.

Moments later... I'm sitting at my desk, minding my own business, doing my ever important daily tasks, and I hear my sister announce on the air... to the world... that my head looks like I slept with a coffee can on it. She went on to describe how that would cause it to be tall, cylindrical, and "Frankenstein-like". Chuckling all delighted-like as she described it.

Nice visuals, no?

You should just hear what she says about me on my birthday. She always writes a song or a poem about how awful I was to her when we were kids. People know me around here. I can't be anonymous. There have been times when people suddenly realized that I'm the one she talks about. But really, I don't mind. I get to be vicariously famous through her. It's really funny to hear about yourself on the radio. So I kid...

But ya know... I have something of a little forum here. I *could* write up a bunch of humiliating, butt puckeringly mortifying stories from her shocking but true past, and watch her twist in the wind. That's why this year on my birthday, there's going to be a heart felt tribute to Wilberteets on her radio show. Muahahahaha

I need to get her to describe what happened when we went christmas shopping last year. Something awful happened to her and I laughed about it for weeks. She tells it funnier than I do. So sistah... write about it and email it to me or something and I'll post it on here. hehe

So stay tuned... I have another funny story about her too, which I will relate in the upcoming entry. It's about the time she got drunk and turned into "Stealy McGrabbit". Muahahaha....

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