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2005-04-26 - 10:50 a.m.

So last night we were riding along in my sister's truck. It was just me, the sister, and an extremely chatty Wibby Woo. She was telling one long story from before we got into the truck, all the way to the restaurant and beyond with the adults trying to have a conversation along the way.

At some point, Wibby said "There was a little girl and do you know what her name was? Do ya mama, do you know what her name was? Huh? Mama? Do ya know?"

And I turned around and said "Spookytoots".

She went all Mr. Spacely on us and started growling. I think I got fired from my job as Aunt.


Myra and me laughed the rest of the way there.

I'm telling you, I have a divine talent for saying just the right thing.

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