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2004-10-11 - 1:48 a.m.

It's high time I updated, isn't it? Things are just ducky in Teetsville. I was out of town on business last week and I will probably be going back out next week or the one after. Good stuff. The facility is requesting some training sessions for different staff and physicians, so I'll probably be going back next week or the one after that.

I've got to find a good seminar to attend for psychiatric PPS and I hope I can find one in the Philadelphia area. Cause Philly is a good learning environment, dontcha know. Or something.

My crazy cat is out in the hallway trilling like a happy little bird. I think he likes the acoustics in the hall. He makes all kinds of racket at night when everyone retires to their rooms and he is left alone out there. I would let him sleep in my room but he does bad things in here and keeps me awake. He tiptoes across my keyboard and opens up programs. That's the main offense. He won't stop, no matter what I do, so I have to put him out of the room. After he has stood on a key for the third time, the keyboard starts making this ding ding ding noise that I cannot bear to hear. I think he likes to make it happen. He does it every time I let him stay in my room. He's probably thinking that it's amusing to make me fly out of the bed in a cat-stopping frenzy.

In a totally unrelated bit of news:

My bed looks like a red velvet cake. I have red sheets on it right now and a creamy colored blanket. Binky gave me this great down blanket for my birthday and it's big enough to be a bedspread. I like the way it looks on my bed, too. It's very straight and it lays nicely. I love bedding. I realize I have an unnatural love for bedding. I can't help myself. I should open a fine linen shop.

Evidently the cat has taken up soccer, or perhaps my ghosties are acting up. Something keeps hitting my bedroom door.

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