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2005-12-27 - 10:10 p.m.

This is an "ad hoc" meeting, in the spirit of getting back to the old grind after the holidays.

I will now call the meeting to order. Time 10:10 pm.

Here, here.

Let's review the old business:

Old business:
Wibby said something funny on the night of Christmas Eve, as reported in an entry I posted a couple of hours ago. Those of you who did not get the memo, and have not seen the previous entry, should click back one entry and see it, since I am updating all over it right now.

All who approve say Aye and click back one, all opposed, give a showing of hands... very well.. passed. NEXT:

New business:
My sister, myramains has resurrected her diary and she posted something today that made me laugh a lot. I would like for my few faithful readers to go forth and read of the Myra-ness. Have a free laugh.

All approved/opposed... carried.

Christmas decorations have been taken down in Teetsville and the page has been redecorated for winter. Thanks go to Jordan, who suggested a light blue background to go with the winter theme.

Thanks for attending. Drive safely.
Meeting adjourned.

10:29 pm

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