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2004-06-09 - 10:22 p.m.

It has been too hot in the house all day today. Somehow the A/C got turned off this morning and I didn't know why it was so hot in here. By the time I discovered that the air conditioner was off, the house was really hot and no one was here for me to kill. The house got really hot and the AC unit just couldn't catch up and cool it down to its usual state of sublime coolness. We can't have that happen anymore. I get really grouchy when it's too hot.

I'm terribly heat intolerant and I live in Louisiana. What's wrong with this picture?

I got a phone call today from the guy who is going to lay out the corporate structure for me and "talk salaries" for my new job that I may or may not take. He said he would call me tonight or early in the morning to arrange for me to meet with him tomorrow. I suppose this means I shouldn't stay up all night tonight.

You know, this whole "making a living" thing is starting to cramp my style. Are there any well to do bachelors out there who'd like to take care of a particularly saucy red-headed, green-eyed, spit-firey type of domestic goddess?

I cooked a really good dinner. Nobody was here to eat it but me. Quite alright though... we will have it again tomorrow night. It will only be a rerun to me. I had a very peaceful evening. Myra went someplace, her kids went to see their grandma, and Bink had night school. Abby and I had some really good meatloaf and did our laundry.

The cat pan is in serious need of new litter, but that requires me to go to the store and I don't want to go anyplace. I've been sort of *blah* today and I haven't felt like venturing out at all. It was a major effort to go out to the mailbox today and wouldn't you know it, after I went to all that trouble, there was no mail. I'm expecting a check or three.

Ever notice how bills are NEVER late, but checks frequently are??

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