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2007-08-09 - 10:35 a.m.

Life is interesting, isn't it?

I do believe I have been served up a really prime opportunity to be a gold digger.

Problem is, I'm not a gold digger.

There is a very wealthy man who works with all of our very wealthy investor guys and he seems to sort of be the ringleader. I met him on Tuesday and he took a quick liking to me. Within minutes of our first meeting, he had jokingly said that we should take a trip to another city together so I could try his favorite restaurant. He went on to ask me to go to lunch with him that day, offered a dinner date, and said I was beautiful.

I did go to lunch with him that day, and the next day he took me to a very nice upscale restaurant for lunch. He asked me a lot of questions and found out about the tragic conflict of my mother's birthday with the KoRn concert I wanted to attend. Upon hearing this, he decided I have to blow off the birthday and go to the concert. I told him there is just no way, not doing it, wouldn't be prudent... and he said he was buying me the tickets so I would go to the concert.

On Wednesday afternoon, before hopping a flight, he informed me that the first item on his agenda for Thursday would be obtaining my KoRn tickets. I can't believe that this guy who travels the world, has this important life, lots of things to do... is spending his time getting me some Korn tickets. He also wants to take me to some certain restaurant one night next week when he gets back into town.

Sounds pretty good, huh?

I'm always bitching about the total unavailability of every guy that shows an interest in me. So there must be a problem with this guy, right?


Zero attraction. Zero. Zip. Nada. I mean, he is a nice person, funny guy, sense of humor, very approachable, his life is interesting because he has a lot of money and goes to major charity events with celebrities and his next door neighbor is a super big time somebody, whom I will not name, since I don't need people googling and figuring out who I am talking about.

But yeah.

Ok Universe... this is more like it, but no cigar.

Would it be wrong of me to get some Seether tickets out of him too? hehehe

Cause I'm gonna.


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