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2004-06-17 - 12:08 a.m.

Our ghostie is kicking up a fuss again. The only other alternative is that Myra, Binky, and myself are telekinetic and didn't know it. Things fly around Teetsville all by themselves.

Myra and I stay up very late pretty often and we talk and drink hot tea. One night recently we had been up late and we were each about to go to bed. We were still in the kitchen when we distinctly heard a voice say "mama?". The kids were zonked out totally and not even stirring in their sleep. So we went back out into the living room to whisper about it. "Did you hear that voice?" "I heard it." "Are you sure?" etc...

While we were standing there whispering about whether or not a voice was heard, a small toy came sailing over the couch and clattered on the floor between our feet. We both just watched it until it stopped spinning. I looked at Myra, and the look on her face was priceless. I wish I had been holding my camera at the time. It made me laugh. Myra gets spooked. The toy flew totally solo. The dog wasn't in the room, the cat wasn't in the room. It was just me, Myra, and the ghostie.

The next night, we were standing at the other end of the couch, whispering before turning in for the night. We were actually talking about the flying toy when we heard a familiar clattering racket, and there on the floor between us again, was a different toy, spinning to a noisy stop. Again we watched it until it stopped moving. It had flown over from the area of the TV. No living creature was over there to toss or slap a toy.

Last night, we were in the kitchen, sitting at the table, when all of a sudden the kitchen phone beeped a couple of times. I said "Maybe the battery is getting low". Myra said "It's in the charger". Then we looked at it and the LCD said "Extension in use". We looked into the living room where the extension stays.... and it was on the charger in there!!! No one was using the extension.

We are NOT getting a ouija board.

Is that crazy or what? I would love to get Xtine, aka squirrelx over here to check out my "haints". We know we have them. I'd love to know what the deal is. Ours seem to be attention seekers.

I had a crazy dream last night that doesn't qualify as a ghost story, but I'm adding the short version anyway, because it was funny and weird. I dreamed I was at this really great buffet at a riverboat casino or something and I was really hungry. I was waiting in this ridiculously long line and I could see some of the food tables as I was going through this long winding line of people.

At some point, I realized I was bare-footed. I was SO embarrassed. I was wondering how in the Hell I managed to go inside an establishment without noticing that little detail. I was mentally kicking myself. I went downstairs to a gift shop to buy some shoes. I was thinking "Even flip flops would be better than nothing."

Finally, I got back in the line and up to the serving area where I could make a plate. I wanted enchiladas, so I got a plate that already had 2 enchiladas on it and I went to find a table. I knew I wanted to try more things because they had so much on this buffet, but I just had to eat at least one enchilada first. So I found a table and sat down. I noticed there was water on the plate and it looked like my food was water-logged. Disgusting. I took one tiny bite and it had no taste at all. No salt, no taste. I was about to go get different food, but I stopped because I saw what I thought was one of my best friends that I haven't seen in a long time. I called her name and when she turned around, it wasn't my friend.

Then magically, as dreams usually are, that friend was sitting with me at my table. I got caught up in talking to her, but I was starved, so after a while I got up to go get some food, and when I got back to the serving area, they were taking the buffet down! I paid the big price and didn't even get a whole bite of food.

What a sucky dream.

It probably had to do with the fact that I don't know what I should do about my job. Take the corporate job or stay with my own consulting business. I'm afraid I'll pay the big price and not get anything worthwhile I guess. But what is the big price? My freedom in working for myself? If I give that up, I'd better get something that amounts to more than a bite of soggy enchilada!!

I guess you could say I want the whole enchilada!!!

Damn, I'm SO literal.

Being bare-footed in the dream signifies a feeling of vulnerability. Seeing my old friend probably signifies the old days when we worked together 3 hospitals ago. The good old days.

I'm good.


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