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2006-08-08 - 10:37 p.m.

There is something afoul in Chryslerville. There is something rotten in Pontiac Town. I've uncovered a roiling, stinking, cesspool of conspiracy in the auto industry. At the very least, it's an evil plot.

In my newly launched quest for a Pontiac Solstice, I located a dealership that does indeed carry the car I want... "sort of". I managed to have a decent conversation with a car salesman who did not offend me, hang up on me, or insult me during the call. Now that's the kind of guy I'll buy a car from.

Unfortunately, dude had some suck-ass news for me. He said they've only managed to sell 2 Solstices since EVER, because they can't seem to get them from the manufacturer. The car maker is not fulfilling the orders. They seem to be holding back production for some reason. I have a theory on this. The Pontiac Solstice is a SWEET car. The price seems unbelievably low for what it is. The base model price is less than 20K. To load it up nicely, it's around 24K. It looks much more expensive than that.

My theory is that they brought out this fine car, created a whole lot of buzz about it, and then made it next to impossible to get one... to make more of a stir and to cause the price to shoot up. I'll bet the 2007's are going to be a good bit higher.

The car salesman told me some dealerships are selling them for 3 or 4 thousand over sticker price!! (Is that legal??) He said he could order one for me, but we are at their mercy as far as having it actually delivered. He said I would have to pay sticker price, but they would not go over sticker price. God bless em. I am not happy about that, because I like to haggle and get a good deal.

They ordered one for someone back in January and it still has not arrived. They've had to change the order from a 2006 model to a 2007 model, because it has been so long. This is weird! I wondered why I didn't ever see any of these on the road! See, this difficulty makes me want it more.

Can you smell the evil?

The car is fine. Let's look again, shall we?

Oh Yeah.

Ahhhh. It is so loverly. I am going to look around at some other sporty cute little cars and see if anything else calls out to me like this car does. But if I don't find something great, I will just bide my time and get what I really want. My next car is going to be something special.

My uncle just retired from GM. I wonder if he can help me.

I've got some phone calling to do. hehe

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