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2006-11-17 - 2:42 a.m.

Here's me... looking happy. I don't know why this is blurry. Oh Well. I'm standing in my bedroom in the villa here. Dig my new hair. And I'm smiling.

Guess why?


Me and Prince Charming lurve each other again. It's just a matter of days or mere moments before the excrement hits the oscillator in our incredibly volatile and exciting relationship, but right now... it's all good...

We were cuddling at the movies in teh picture below. This picture was taken before the last major blow out. Just thought I'd post a sweet picture. He's a lot of trouble, like a bad puppy.. almost too much trouble... but there's just something about this psycho ride...

The one I love I hate
but the sex is great..

Yeah, he has spikey wristy thingers. And a spikey disposition to match.


Must.... sleep.... now!

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