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2005-03-22 - 7:51 p.m.

Sometimes it's very good to be a girl.

I had to put my car in the shop today and when I got there to drop it off, the service manager dude was being flirty with me. Extra flirty, yet not creepy. I dropped off the car and made arrangements for them to come get me after work. Through the day I had to keep in contact with him over the phone and he kept making his flirty remarks. I had to call him a few times and on one of those calls, he asked me if I was going to buy him dinner after all this phone time. On another call, he said people were going to think something was going on between us because he had my number memorized, and he asked me what my husband thought about me traveling all the time. The old casual-hubby-reference-to-see-if-there-is-a-husband trick. Plus a liberal sprinkling of babys, sweethearts, and honeys instead of my name and we have an unabashed flirt on our hands.

Long story short - he gave me a cut rate on the repair... 130 bucks off... plus he PAID for a nice rental car for me, even though my warranty is expired, and he gave me a new clicker for my car to lock and unlock the doors and pop the trunk, cause mine was broken.

And again I state... sometimes it is good to be a girl.

After I got to the hotel, he called to "see if you got home alright". He said he was driving around killing time because he had to be someplace in an hour. So he drove to my hotel. Cause he knows where I stay. I went to the window to look out there because he said he was driving by, and HE SAW ME. In this huge hotel, he saw me in my window. He wanted me to let him come up here so we could "chat", but I didn't let him. Cause that would be crazy.


Crazy and dangerous.

He doesn't seem like a strangler or an axe murderer, but neither did Ted Bundy. I feel that he is harmless, but still, it sends a bad message to allow some strange man up to your hotel room. There's just no possible way I would do that. I'm afraid he is going to call me when his event is over and ask if he can come over. I'll bet he will. I'm gonna have to tell him a flat no.

I'll be seeing him tomorrow when I go get my car. He's nice and funny. Someone from Philly should call me really soon. Like tonight.


I have tried to change my St. Paddy's remark on my template a couple of times and it hasn't worked. This leads me to wonder if this entry is going to go up or if I am wasting my time. I guess I'll save it in notepad for just in case.

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