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2004-09-03 - 9:08 p.m.

Some of you are parents, so you can relate to the mess made by a kid during dinner.

My little niece, Wibby, shares a talent with all other toddlers of being able to make the most unholy and heinous of messes, using handy dinner items, like rice.

There was a radius of rice around this kid's chair that needed three separate zip codes. There were stragglers in every direction that had some how broken free from the perfect round radius and migrated forth.

But even these tiny renegade rice roamers were snagged by the wily and ever-vigilant floor cleaner that we call Abby. Dogs make wonderful floor cleaners.

Wibby just finished singing me a 19 minute long song. It seemed to be about easter eggs and how much she loves me. Either Bob Dylan has been at it again, and she has a really really good memory for memorizing wack lyrics, or she was making the whole thing up as she went.

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