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2004-12-07 - 5:35 p.m.

OK - I'm a lucky duck.

I am starting to realize what a lucky duck I really am. I was feeling all sad and ambivalent about some of the aspects of this odd life I lead, but today, I'm feeling great about it. Of course, I am a slave to my hormonal fluctuations and for a couple days a month, nothing is right, no matter what. Sometimes I just see the downside, but that's fairly rare.

I slept pretty good in this nice bed and I had Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp to keep me company last night.

God, if only...

It was only a movie. I'm not SUCH a lucky duck I guess. But this is a nice place to live and I felt a lot better about the job at hand today than I did yesterday. Some of the questions are being answered. I feel appreciated. That is a nice thing. I think when I start feeling unappreciated, I'll look for another job this time instead of staying until I'm homicidal. That is the lesson I learned from my last 9-5 job. I stayed too damn long and nearly went postal before it was over.

I had to find reports and files on the computer in my office and figure out what had to be done to keep up with the reports and who all needs a copy emailed to them. I got that straightened out today. Tomorrow I have to figure out why we can't get into the website and database that gets us paid. I've also got to figure out how to use this software, which is new to me. But I'm optimistic. (Famous last words)

I found out that everyone clears out on Fridays by 3 pm!!!!!!!! That's cause for a celebration right there. That means I can leave at 3 pm and be home by 4:30. There is a gym in the hotel. I'm thinking I can put in some treadmill time 4 days a week. I'll skip Friday unless I want to do it before work which ain't too likely. There are lonnnnnnng hallways at the hospital and I've worn a trail in the floor going up and down these 2 long halls today and yesterday, so I feel like I already did some treadmill time. So tonight, I'm thinking about putting in some casino time instead of exercising.

I am almost too cheap to gamble. I get pissed when I lose my money. I am willing to risk it once in a great while. Maybe tonight...

It would be great if I went in there and won a million dollars or something. I might not even quit my job if that happened right now, because I am liking the project I'm on right now. Of course, that could change any day. We shall see what a little time brings.

Today, we party.

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