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2004-06-02 - 8:34 p.m.

I just got done cooking and eating a good dinner. I haven't done the dishes yet. I'm saving that special bit of joy for after I post this entry.

I made Plum chicken. It's stir fried chicken with onions, snow peas, and plum slices, in a tangy plum sauce. Good stuff. My ex loves this stuff so much that he has apparently upset his new wife regaling her with the tales of its deliciousness. She has asked me for the recipe a few times. I'm going to have to go ahead and break off a recipe for the girl. She deserves it for putting up with Mr. Wonderful. hehehe.

The thing is, I just wing it when I cook, usually. I had a recipe once upon a time, some years back, but now I just cook by the "handful of this, pinch and a half of that" method. I'm not sure exactly how much of everything goes into plum chicken. I'll have to make something up and hope it works out for her.

Prum chicken so good you go clazeeee!

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