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2003-09-20 - 3:38 p.m.


The majority of googles ending up on my page have been people searching for the term "toga".

What's up with that?

I did that spa entry, and it has been googled to hell and back. You just never know what's going to spark people.

I can't be witty today. I'm way too tired for that. I've been reading too long and the sleepies have overtaken me. This is bad news, because I have a bunch of stuff to do and noooo energy to do it with.

I had crazy dreams about a devilish voice menacing me on the phone while I was staying at some mansion as a guest. I've had a lot of vivid and wacky dreams the last few nights.

I think I'm going to take a nap now. But first, Gentle Reader, if you have happened upon this diary for the first time today, don't take this wee entry as the only representation of my work. Check out the ARCHIVE button and read a few others... maybe the RANDOM button would show you around pretty well. We have the funny stories and we have the ghostie stories...

And happy googling.

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