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2004-08-03 - 5:53 a.m.

I had a funny google turn up during the past 24 hours. Someone, some poor wretched soul, was looking for references on "free eggsuckers". I have 2 questions:

1.) What would cause a person to have a need for info on free eggsuckers?

2.) Did I really say anything in my journal at any point in time about free eggsuckers?

I couldn't get the google link to go back there and when I googled it on my own, I didn't see my site listed on the first page or two, so I gave up.

But it was an interesting thought.


Here is a funny quote from Elaine Boosler on CNN, regarding gay marriage:

"It's important for gay people to be allowed to marry each other so they will stop marrying Liza Minnelli"


I didn't go to bed at all, because I'm crazy, and now the sun is up. I need to go audit a hospital. That'll snap me right into shape.

I talked to my contact person today and she said they are trying to close a deal on a rehab down south, so I'll probably be packing my bag soon. Let's hope so!! I'm ready to roll.

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