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2007-06-25 - 12:35 p.m.

I have to tell you what happened when I went to buy my pub set. It was a glorious moment of "little guy gets overism". And I was the little guy that won!

I was going to post a pic but the dirty bitches from that manufacturer won't let me snag a pic. ::sigh::

So anyways... it is marble top... taller than a normal table but shorter than a bistro set. Sort of in between. It has leather upholstered chairs and pretty dark wood legs and stuff. It's swell. I didn't want to lug it to the new place myself, so I decided to wait and buy it here. Unfortunately it was a lot more expensive here in Tejas. In Louisiana it was 459.99 for the table and 2 chairs and 80 bucks each, for 2 extra chairs. Here, it was 599.99 for the table and 2 chairs and 150 bucks each for the additional chairs. (obviously the work of heinous money grubbers)

So I decided to buy it no matter what it cost and I found it at a local furniture store. This store has signs posted all over it that says UNCONDITIONAL PRICE GUARANTEE!! If you can find any item for a cheaper price somewhere else, we will meet that price!!

WOOT, says I.

"Not so fast", said the saleslady. The saleslady that worked with me was barely alive as I recall. She is apparantly very unfulfilled. She told me that the UNCONDITIONAL guarantee has the condition that it has to be a Texas furniture store. Now, nowhere on any of these signs does it specify that the price guarantee only extends to Texas stores. I thought she was full of shit. So, she told me if I waited until Friday, I would get a 16% discount on the set. I opted to wait for the sale. Luckily, she was not there that day. I went through another salesman and got the sweet price!!

I got a price quote from a texas branch of the store I had found the set in originally and got them to fax a price quote to the furniture store. They then had to honor that price. So I got the set for 459 for the table and 2 chairs and 80 bucks each for the additional chairs!! DEAL!!! BARGAIN!!! The manager was so unhappy. But I was sooo opposite of that. I like a bargain. Especially a begrudged bargain. hehehe

They delivered it on Sunday and I am very happy with it. On Wednesday, I will be a couch-haver. I can hardly wait. A possessor of a sofa, even. I will be able to sit, or lay down, at my very whim. Won't that be cool? I am ready to hang pictures and accessorize like a gay man, ok?

It's been a while since I've been able to qualify as a couch potato, even if I wanted to. You must have a couch for that. I am afraid I may have to buy an outrageously expensive lamp that looked great with my sofa at Dillards. I hate to pay 180 bucks for a lamp when you can get them at hobby lobby for 20 bucks, but I went to hobby lobby and they had NUFFIN that would compare to this exquisite if somewhat gaudy lamp. It just matches well with the sofa, the massage chair, and the red accents I have in there. So I might have to do it. Maybe I can catch a big sale.

So my life is all filled with real life decorating and furnishing right now. It's funny, because I've done this twice in second life and it has been a surprisingly similar experience. I shopped Begonia style. That is to say, I shopped like a hungry lion feeds. With great fury and purpose. hehe

I miss my boy quite a bit, but I am starting to mingle a little and reconnect with friends I was not allowed to see when I was with my special spikey boy. ::sigh::

That ending had to happen, but it was sad and I sort of feel like I've had the wind knocked out of my sails. I don't feel like being wild in game. I feel like just getting to know some new people and expanding into some new experiences... gently.

This is kinda bad, because there's this one guy that has always been taken when I'm free... and free when I'm taken... and things could get pretty wild there... and as luck would have it, we're both free right now. And I don't feel like pursuing it. He's going to wonder wtf.

He has already noticed that I'm not collared anymore. Lots of people have. People are asking me about it. Guys who have been waiting like vultures, specifically, have been asking me about it. HA! Boys. Not only do they have cooties, but they are transparent too.

Sorry boys! But it had to be said. Love you all anyway.


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