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2004-05-02 - 11:23 a.m.

Here's an observation: If you think you should get more fruits and vegetables into your diet, go on the Atkins diet for awhile. You'll crave fruits and vegetables like a crazed garden mole.

If you lament your lack of places to go and things to do, work 75 hours a week and then you'll just wish for down time at home.

If you love to travel and stay in hotels.... take a traveling job. The new wears off rather quickly and your idea of a good time is not having to go anyplace.

I'm not burnt out on it, but I definitely hate to leave when Sunday rolls around. I enjoy my weekends at home to the extreme and hate for them to be over. The work I am doing is not like a job. I have a lighter schedule and it's great all the way around. I am loving this and after about 3 more weeks of constant travel, I might have a break or go on some follow-up trips that would be only a day or two a week. That would be cool.

Of course I want to make the crazy money as long as I possibly can, but yesterday I had the sudden realization that I could work 2 days a week and make twice as much as I used to make working full time at a hospital. Wouldn't THAT be cool? My week would be turned backwards from the standard. I'd work two days and my weekend would be 5 days long. See, I could get used to that.

The bad news about my next 4 days is that I have to deal with Screechy McShrill all week, probably trying to argue and defend every wrong move she has made since day one of her job. And I will be stuck in boring Leesville. But the good side is I'm staying in a different hotel, which is something of an adventure to me, I'll make mo money, and I'll wrap up an unpleasant audit and hopefully not have to deal with them again. I sort of enjoy the hotel rooms and the quiet and by the time I get home I am missing the ankle biters that live in my house.

When I came home this time the 2 year old was giddy with joy. She always gives me a great reception. Last night, my nephew, Elvis Jr., you know.... the alcoholic lesbian elvis impersonator, asked me why I keep going on all these vacations over and over. I told him that was how I work now and he said "You mean you've changed jobs?" It's kinda funny to me that he has been thinking I was on vacation all these weeks. Kids are funny.

I've got to get ready to go on yet another "vacation".

Wooooooooo Hooooo!

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