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2006-06-12 - 7:13 p.m.

I had a somewhat less than stellar day as far as productivity goes. I did however manage to cook dinner. Go me.

My big activity of the day had to do with this fun website I found. It's the official website for the movie "Nacho Libre". I am going to see that movie when it comes out. I love Jack Black.

The website has a bunch of clips called "Confessionals". I watched them all, except for the one called "Body Double" because I couldn't get it to load. They are pretty entertaining. You should watch the one called "The package". Jack's pissed because his package doesn't look right in his tight wrestling outfit. I spent a lot of time on that site today and watched not only all the confessionals but 2 movie trailers as well. Now I am all ready to see the movie.

I guess that website did it's job.

Here's a link for your viewing pleasure:

fun website located HERE

Yikes! I left the water hose on outside. I also watered the yard and I left the hose running at the base of the magnolia tree to give it a good soaking. I'll bet I gave the whole street a good soaking.

Ack. I'm tired of summer already.

Come on Autumn, glorious Autumn!!

I really must go turn off that water now. Don't wanna. It's like an oven out there.

Here I go!

spring - fall

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