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2004-10-04 - 9:18 p.m.

Glory Hallelujah!! I'm on assignment, starting tomorrow. I have to hit the road, thank goodness! The laptop is down right now, so I probably won't be posting anything until Friday or Saturday. I hate to miss stuff for several days in a row. But alas, work is a necessary evil.

I sent an email to the client and said if he wants me to go someplace, he needs to contact me today with instructions, before I accept another project. I applied the gentle pressure. He's the kind of guy to put things off. He put me on alert about 2 weeks ago that he needed me to go someplace, but he never followed up.

This guy never gives me proper notice. Every time I do anything for him it's wait...wait...wait... ok NOW! But I am as happy as a little girl, as Deiter would say, because mama needs a new pair of shoes. It's time to rake in some bucks. I'm too lazy for this off again on again stuff. I lose my momentum when I'm off work too long.

I took a couple of sleeping pills to help me get tired, because I took a nap this afternoon and this could cause me to have serious difficulties falling asleep. If I'm up all night, I won't be able to perform well on the job. I've got to scratch up a miracle for them this week.

You know what the bummer is? My family was going to go out for a big birthday celebration dinner for me tomorrow night. That was when we were able to get everyone's schedule to work together. Now I have the choice of driving back home tomorrow night to do the birthday dinner, or postponing that dinner until Saturday or Sunday. Maybe Friday... if I blow off the screampark. That seems likely anyway. I am not too likely to want to go out spooking folks after a week long road trip.

I hope that they send me to Lafayette again after this week is done. I'm getting my usual consulting fee, which is great. They haven't decided yet about a salary for me to go full time or a part time deal. I don't care. At this point, I'd be happy to keep it on a consulting basis. I get paid a lot more that way.

So anyways, I'll be out of pocket for the next 4 days, unless I decide to get crazy and post from the hospital, which I probably won't do. I would hate for any of them to trace my website. I'll probably lay low.

But I'll be back on Friday! I love my D-Land family.

Addendum: The laptop seems to be working now. So maybe I won't be out of pocket all week. Yay!

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