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2005-02-16 - 10:20 a.m.

In yesterday's entry I talked about finding a big piece of bone in my hamburger. The comments reminded me of something horrible / hilarious that happened to some other poor soul, so I decided to make today's entry also about gross things found in food.

Once upon a time, when I was but a wee lass on my college affiliation, also known as "clinicals", I was working in an emergency room, working on the medical records that are generated in the ER. It was very entertaining in there, because I had to read the narratives on a bunch of cases and they were all crazy things like "gun shot wound to the buttocks, received while climbing over a fence while running from the police". There were all kinds of crazy stories in that pile of ER records. The most amusing thing I saw was a record on this poor pitiful woman who had been throwing up non-stop for a week. She was weak and dehydrated because she could not hold anything down.

Her statement of what happened to her went like this: "I was eating in a restaurant and had been to the salad bar. I was eating my salad when I noticed that something in my mouth was not chewing up. I chewed it and chewed it, thinking it was a tough piece of lettuce or something and when I finally spit it out it was a used bandaid with blood and matter on the gauze. I became sick and I can't stop throwing up since then. I vomit every time I think about it."

That's horrible, but it struck me as very funny at the time. I'll bet she wasn't laughing.

That's so gross. Somebody making salad lost a bandaid. Just imagine what would go through your mind if you were the unlucky one to find it... in your mouth. The worst part is that she chewed and chewed it, trying to chew it up. Blehhkkk!

My mom gets grossed out easily. She saw a small insect walking up the wall in a restaurant one time and she never went back to that restaurant again. The bug wasn't near her food or anything, but she figured if there was one, there must be 10 million more, doing the backstroke in the soup and running wild in the kitchen.

Mama don't play.

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