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2007-07-26 - 12:59 p.m.

Holy shit.

I just lost an entry. Arrrrrggghhhh that makes me mad. I'm too tired to go back and reconstruct... I have been going on about 4 hours of sleep a night all week and I am down to my last shred of life force. I tried to do the right thing last night. I got in bed at 7:30 pm with the brilliant plan of watching the second half of Ghost Hunter and then going to sleep for the night. My plan was foiled at 7:33, when my mom called and proceded to talk for an hour about a generalized topic that I call "Things that give Wilberteets a migraine". So when we hung up, I just got out of bed and signed into Second Life to make it all go away. I stayed online till 2 am, because I have no sense of time or reason. I had to get up by no later than 6 to get out the door in time to be here at 8 am. That is with me slinging it together as fast as I can and busting a trail.

I can't go to bed very early tonight, because there is a business meeting with physicians tonight and I have to go to all of those meetings, even though I am not a doctor, nor a co-owner of this hospital. I'm so not happy about this meeting. I get off work at 4:30, but I can't go home today because I commute and I would have to make the commute 2 times in one day if I go home after work. So here I am, stuck like chuck till frickin bedtime. It just burns me up. I wonder if they would let me take off tomorrow. That would make it all better. I just might ask.

I worked late monday night and tonight. They ought to let me be off tomorrow. I am so tired of this work week. It has been a real pain in the ass.

I guess I should get back to whatever the very important crap was that I was doing before my lunch break.

Is it naptime yet?

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