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2003-11-20 - 9:37 a.m.


In my own neighborhood. Here's what happened:

There is a spot in my subdivision where the road angles up in such a way that when the sun is shining brightly, and is sitting in just the right position in the sky, you can't see anything but a blazing glow of light.

People should not leave pontoon boats laying around in the middle of the street.

I was traveling up the road, in the blinding sun, on my side of the road, doing the speed limit or less, when I was suddenly stopped by a freakin pontoon boat all up in my grill. Literally. The grill of my car is just so much litter on the road now.

I drove smooth into that boat, because it was INVISIBLE. Here's the beauty of the situation: I was the SECOND vehicle to drive straight into it within 15 minutes' time. After the first car hit it, she was able to pull off the road. My car however, was wedged partially under the boat... with all the fluids leaking out underneath. So I thought it would be a bad idea to try to move it or crank it.

After the first girl hit it, her boyfriend, THE COP, politely suggested that the man move his boat. He said he had a right to park there. A few minutes after that, I came along and hit the boat for the second time this morning. His wife was running up and down the road, flapping her arms and squawking "You can see the boat!! You could see it, why did you hit it? It's right there in plain sight! I can see it just fine!!" I said Ma'am, let me assure you, I would not have driven smooth into a large immobile object if I had seen it."

I'm starting to hurt all over.


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