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2005-11-07 - 8:05 p.m.

Nothing is cuter than meerkats:

Do I lie? Baby meerkats, even.

I googled "meerkats" to show Libby what a meerkat looks like. She sang a little song about buffalo and right after she finished singing, she said "I don't know what a buffalo is." So I googled that first to show her what it was. And you know wherever there are buffalos, meerkats can't be far behind.

I knew today was going to be a good day. First clue: Good hair day. Second clue: I was mildly annoyed by this assmunch tailgating everyone, bobbing and weaving all over the road, and speeding way faster than all the rest of us speeders. Later on, I saw a cop go racing past everyone in hot pursuit of someone way up ahead. I then received the beautiful blessing of getting to see the assmunch-o-the-day getting a ticket. That doesn't happen very often. So many times I WISH there was a cop around to catch some fool and today, there was! It was great. I wanted to stop and taunt that blowhole while he got written up. It was so satisfying.

I finally got a big fat expense check I was owed. I postponed my trip down south because they owed me so much, but I guess I should plan to go.

I got an email with a bunch of beautiful pictures of bright fall leaves from Mister Philly. I love the red leaves best of all.

My workout was just otherworldly today. My energy level was high and I practically ran for 45 minutes. I cooled down before I got off there, because if you hop off too quick you can barf. If you go from top speed to nothing in 0 seconds flat, it can definitely turn the stomach.

As I was walking back to my office to change and go home, I realized I had a buzz. An actual buzz. It was crazy. Exercise makes you produce happy hormones and then you sleep well. I highly recommend it. Excuse me for pointing out the obvious here: Exercise is the key to good health and mental well being. I should have discovered this sooner, but I was too busy avoiding exercise.

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