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2005-01-01 - 12:32 p.m.


I had a rather profound dream last night and I typed it out as soon as I got up. I'm going to copy and paste it right here for your reading pleasure:

In my dream there was a group of soldiers, a platoon, all staying in a big house. There was some infighting
and petty stuff going on between them. We were all in a house. I was observing how these soldiers were interacting. Some of them were real jerks and some seemed like good guys. Then, an attack of some kind came along. It was very severe and very sudden. Totally unexpected. It was like a natural disaster.

After everything settled down again, there was a typed report, with photos, that showed how each soldier reacted in the situation. It was like this had been a drill, but it was more serious than that, because some of the guys had died. I noticed in the report that some of the guys who had been total jerks before the disaster stepped up and gave of themselves to save their fellow soldiers. Some of the guys that had seemed like decent guys, weasled out or did nothing to save anyone else or did outright cowardly things when the heat was on.

I realized you could not predict what any of them would do under pressure, based on their general manners and personality.

Then I found a write up on my cat Possum. He had done something heroic. They could tell somehow, by analyzing his irises that he had held his breath for a long time, swimming through some water to get across it, in order to save some lives. He was a highly acclaimed kitty. I felt very happy that Possum turned out to be a life saver and a good guy. Possum was alive and well, but we would not have known of his heroic acts if it had not been for the report, because... well... he's a cat and wasn't talking. haha.

My ex husband was there and my sister was there and she was talking and laughing. I wanted them to listen while I read to them the story of how Possum saved some soldiers. It took me a little while to get them to listen, but they finally did. They didn't seem to think it was as important as I did. I wanted them to realize the importance of the article and the lessons it contained.

The last thing in my dream was the knowledge that water can kill, damage, help, or save. Oxygen can kill, damage, help, or save. It is not the element itself that is bad, helpful or harmful. It is the amount and circumstances under which it is applied that makes it either helpful or harmful. There is a lesson in this.


Now, I think my ex was in it, because he was a soldier when I met him. My sister was there, because she needs to learn about moderation and one of the big lessons in the dream was that anything can kill you if it's applied in the right amount. It is hard to get her to stop joking to listen to serious things. The part where I realized water can kill, damage, help, or save is directly about the tsunami, obviously. There was a lot of water in the dream. In fact, the enemy seemed to be natural elements and was very chaotic like the tsunami must have been.

I think dreams are very interesting. And now, if you'll excuse me, I must go get ready to go to my uncle's air strip and blow stuff up. This is the day that we all converge and do lots of fireworks and play with explosives. I guess I should keep this dream in mind since fire also can kill, damage, help, or save. Hmmmmm...


!!!HAPPY 2005!!!

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