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2006-06-06 - 10:04 p.m.

I had a spectacular day today.

I was in a very happy mood all the live long day to the point of near silliness. I feel good physically today, I had a pretty good hair day, and I netted the company a huge, obnoxious windfall of money from an insurance company on just one inpatient stay because I am brash and nervy and can negotiate like a banshee. I am not sure how banshees negotiate, but I think I replicated it with pinache.

Success, I tell you.

My company does not deserve my talents AND YET, I give of them.


In other news: I received one marriage proposal and at least two indecent proposals today. All from the same (married) guy. Dude was very, VERY happy about the financial magic I pulled off today. Very happy.

Delirious even.

He flirts his ass off every time he sees me. He's harmless though. I like the guy.


There is this woman that is sort of widely unliked at my workplace and here is one of the reasons people don't like her: Her office doesn't have a bathroom, like most of the other offices do and she doesn't like to use the restroom that is conveniently located RIGHT NEXT DOOR to her office, so she runs down the hall, door to door, asking to use the bathroom in one of the administrative office restrooms. (mine and a few others) Nobody wants her ass on their toilet. Nobody wants to be sitting in their office while she is a few feet away, doing her shameless daily business. Why does she not mind having an audience to this private matter of hers???

Bottom line: Nobody likes the office crapper.

So, we have all taken to closing and locking our office doors to keep her sphincter out of our work spaces. I became impatient with the routine today and led an uprising. I made a speech... because I have a dream. A dream that someday.... the office crapper will go in the restroom that God intended for her to use - the one right next door to her own office. Maybe she doesn't want to work in a cloud of her own ass fumes.

Damn her.

I told a few of my downtrodden co-workers that it is not right that we should be holed up and locked in while the office crapper roams free. We are being held hostage to her bowels. It's just not right. So I made a sign. It's universal, any person can understand the meaning.



I think it's perfect. Sends a message, without naming names. This baby is going right over the toilet on the wall, and maybe on the bathroom door as well. We're very pleased with ourselves today.


I'm going in for some extra consulting this Friday. So color me happy. I like the extra bucks. We might be able to use my financial successes with the insurance companies to extort my expense money out of the nogoodniks I work for. They still owe me a huge amount of money, but they are letting me take 'em to the cleaners on the payroll side of things, so I am very happy and content to wait right now. If they stop my gravy train of extra money, I'll get all impatient again.

I'm predictable like that.


Well, the world didn't end today. Some people were concerned about the whole 6/6/06 thing. There's still an hour and half before it will officially be 6/7/06 and Satan will have missed his chance to be cute and numerically ironic for the next 100 years.


I keep having waves of happiness. I am full of life and health and happiness today. I must have extra seratonin rambling around in my system.

I wonder if there is a giant anvil with the word "ACME" on it, poised high above my head, ready to crush me like Wiley Coyote.

Hope not!

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