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2007-06-13 - 8:46 a.m.

Good Morning!

I slept, I slept, I slept!! I feel great. The new mattress is sooooo comfy. I got a Serta with a super puffy euro-top on it. I am really happy with it. I did not lay awake hearing noises, I did not have any problem falling asleep. It was great. I foolishly watched Conan O'Brien when I really should have been sleeping and this left me with only about 4.5 hours to sleep, but you know, I feel like I slept 8.

I get up at 5 am, because if I don't get out by 6:30 am, I hit the traffic. It is not a bad drive for me, because the shortest drive to work that I've had for the past few years has been 100 miles one way. So I am enjoying the 30 mile journey just fine. It gives me time to think and listen to the radio. We have an awesome radio station here.

OK, I officially like it. So far.

I miss my family, but my parents stayed all weekend and I've talked to the sister and the parental units on the phone and spent time with my mattress lugging friend.. I have not had much time alone since I got here. No time to feel lonely yet.

My co-workers are very nice to me. They are acting like the cavalry is finally here, so I hope I am able to give them as much awesomeness as they seem to expect. hehe

I renewed my supergold, so as soon as D-Land catches up with that, my comments will work again and my pics will be back. Feel free to comment your tits off. I've missed you guys. Thanks artgnome for the kind note. :)
I may have fallen down the rabbit hole into Second Life, but I do come back and read about your life Junie and I keep up with my other friends in here. I am happy that you seem to be having better times lately.

It is easy to totally lose track of all time when submerged in the fascinating virtual world. Speaking of SL... I am having a nice second life. My spikey boy is fun, fun, fun. He's so intense and we're very deviant. haha. We do unspeakable things and I wouldn't have it any other way. You might think less of me if you knew what he put me up to the other night. haha. You might be afraid of me if you knew how much I liked it. hahaha.

I told him I needed smooth sailing in our relationship during this move because I'm vulnerable right now and he obliged me by being extra sweet and spending extra time with me. One of the things about our relationship that has made it so fascinating has been this wild and stormy component. He is very bossy and dominant and I am a misbehaver.. we have brilliantly explosive times, though that has been less since he started taking his meds. (har har) We are settling in like an old married couple these days, but every now and then we go out and do something just freakin crazy and deviant.

You can tell I've got things more in perspective now. My game is still very important to me, but I can do reallife along with it now. haha.

You just don't know how fully it can swallow you until you are 3 quarters of the way down it's greedy gullet. I'm so addicted I don't want to be saved from it. But I am pleased with myself for reclaiming some real life.

I guess I should do some work. Not only did these people expect me to uproot my life and move to a strange city, but they actually expect me to do work while I am here. Sheesh.

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