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2004-05-09 - 11:31 p.m.

Tinky Winky is Buh-tarded!

Everyone is buh-tarded now. I think it may be our new catch phrase around here.

We all had a swell Mother's Day. We're a bunch of happy mothers. All the members of the Teetsville household went to eat with the parental units. We did the Mother's Day thing over at Mom's after dinner.

Tomorrow I shall venture forth to a new work destination. It's a bigger city. I'll be staying through Friday, I think. I decided to skip Monday this time.

I've got to book my hotel room and make sure I know how to get there. I waited until this late to do these things. I like to live on the ragged edge of disaster.

Everyone should go to CBS.com and vote for Rupert to win the million bucks. For those of you who don't watch Survivor, they had a twist in the show this time. After the million dollars was won, they announced there was going to be a second million awarded and America gets to vote on who gets it. Voting will be open until midnight on Wednesday, I think.

I liked Rupert a lot and would have been happy to see him win. He has been on Survivor twice and hasn't won. He loves his family so much and is such a nice guy and a hard worker. I'd like to see him win. So if you are not a watcher of Survivor and don't have your own favorite picked out, please go to CBS.com and vote for Rupert. You'll have to find it on the CBS site under Survivor. I'm going to go vote now. Then I'll make my trip plans.

Don't be buh-tarded, vote for Rupert!

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