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2006-08-10 - 10:17 p.m.

Earlier today I wrote a little rant-fest about my dog groomer who has apparently lost her mind.

Well, this afternoon, she called me to let me know Abby was ready and when I got there, she was very nice to me. Abby looked adorable and the groomer lady explained to me that she is frazzled from taking care of her sick mother around the clock. Her mother has Alzheimer's and this lady is trying to care for her 24/7 while running her business and trying to keep her own sanity. She is a widow and can't just take off work to care for mom. She needs a break.

So I wasn't too far off the mark. She has been on the ragged edge of disaster for the past couple of months. Her sister is going to take over caring for mom in September and Groomer lady is going on a much needed 2 week vacation.

This lady is the best dog groomer and runs the absolute best kennel anywhere around here. Abby loves her, and I would have kept using her services pretty much no matter how she treated me, because she's the best. I was prepared to just suck it up and promise to show up at 9 am from now on... whatever she wants. She's good enough to be a diva if she wants to.

I told her that she is the absolute best and that's why I want to make sure Abby always gets to stay with her when we go away. I got Abby's reservation all set up for the October trip we are planning. I also told her how much better I feel leaving Abby with her than anywhere else. The place I had to leave her while we were in Reno sucked in comparison.

She needed to hear some appreciation too. She almost cried. I gave her Binky's phone number and told her she needs to go get a massage. She's never had a massage and that is sad.

If you've never had a massage, Gentle Reader, go get one. You don't know what you're missing. Do it, man.

By the way, the moral of this story is you never know what kind of horrible things are going on in someone's life. I knew something was up with girlfriend, because she changed so much all of a sudden. Everything was swell until a couple of months ago. That's when she started taking care of her mother. I'm glad my spidey senses were tuned in. She really needed some compassion today and I was the one to give it to her.


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