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2007-07-21 - 11:26 a.m.




I have added a new comments system to thwart the ass-sucking losers who leave spam comments. I am sick and tired of reporting spam comments every single day and nothing ever getting done about it and I am tired of banning these assholes by IP address. This takes up too much of my precious time. So please avail yourselves of the new blogtools comments system that I have installed. I left my old comments link there, so the old comments could still be seen, but I made it so no new comments can be left on the old system. I had a half dozen spam comments left on my blog overnight and that was the final straw.

The new comments system has an annoying little feature where you have to type in the code in order to post your comment, but this keeps the automated spam from getting in, so it's worth it.

Slow Painful Death to the spammers!

Aside from fighting crime and spammers, I am having an easy going Saturday. I fell asleep way too early last night and as a result I was wide awake at 8:30 this morning. This is my day to sleep in like a three toed sloth and enjoy lots of extended sleep hours. Why do I keep getting up before 9 am on Saturdays??

I'm going to go to Barnes & Noble in a little while. Have some good coffee and a big stack of books.. I am such a party animal. After all that excitement, I might just take myself out to dinner.

I had a dream last night that helped me see things in their true perspective as it relates to a problem I've been struggling with for a while. I have always had this ability to use my dreams for problem solving. I know I am coming to terms with a certain problem when I have this certain kind of dream. I wake up knowing that some inner work has been done and I am going to be able to get over whatever the problem is. That's pretty cool.

One time, I was in an art class and there was an important project with a rapidly approaching deadline, and I was nowhere with it. I was having some kind of artist's block. I went to sleep with it on my mind one night and dreamed the perfect piece of work. I knew exactly what I had to do when I got up in the morning. I made the piece that day and it ended up in the fine arts center. That is just one example. I've used my dreams many times over my life to solve problems and deal with situations.

I should go get ready to go to Barnes & Noble. I kind of want to just stay home and read books I already have, but I need to get out and be amongst other humans.


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