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2004-06-18 - 11:46 p.m.

This vacation has started out like the trip from Hell. My mom is the most punctual person on earth and Myra and I are a lot more easy going about it. I try to comply with mom's wishes when on a joint venture with her to avoid her being upset. Myra doesn't so much care if mom gets upset. As a result, mom nearly popped a blood vessel.

We were a little bit late getting on the road today, but not too bad. About 15 minutes late. The sucky thing was how sick and drugged Myra was. I got almost no sleep at all and when I finally did fall asleep, the phone rang. At about 4 am. And again at about 7 am. This totally disrupted what would have been at best, 3 or 4 hours of sleep. The kids are with us, so that's an ordeal unto itself. Mom and Myra have been a hair's breadth away from having a full out Jerry Springer hair pulling squabble.

Myra had an episode at lunch where she couldn't breathe and we thought we were going to have to find a hospital or something. We don't know if it was a panic attack or a reaction to the ridiculous load of drugs she has been given. I was nearly killed in an accident one time and didn't get anywhere near the drugs she's been given. I don't think it's necessary and they just make her feel worse.

The baby had 2 nervous breakdowns within the first hour and a half of the road trip. There were others to follow but I only noticed the timeline on the first couple. She finally fell asleep and gave us some blessed peace. Unfortunately, Myra went to sleep too, and I was so sleepy, the road was hypnotizing me. That sucked. I was dangerously sleepy and had no one to keep me company. We finally got here and it's hot as hades. It took an hour and a half to get all our stuff up into the room and get checked in.

But... we're here now... we had a great dinner, and tomorrow we get thermal mineral baths and massages and I'm sure we will do that whole process a second time while we're here. We have the breakfast bar and shopping to look forward to also. I'm going to sleep like a dead thing tonight, because I'm so tired.

We are spending 2 nights here and then we're ditching the kids. heh. My parents are going to take them home so we can go on to Eureka Springs. I hope Myra feels better by then.

I had to leave poor pitiful Abby at the boarding kennel. The lady told me she will give Abby a lot of attention. I'll bet she tells all the miserable pet owners that one. This lady does grooming too, and when we come back, Abby will be all groomed and will have a funny haircut that will make all the other dogs make fun of her. She looked at me with that stricken look of horror.

Well, it's 11:30 and the kids are both cranking right along like it was noon. If Myra goes to sleep and leaves me with these kids I may massacre everyone in their sleep.

I'm going to go take my bath and get ready for bed. The bath water here comes directly out of an ancient hot spring in the mountain at 143 degrees. It is piped into this hotel. I love that. It's mineral water. They don't have to use a water heater. They just add enough cold water to temper it down where a person can stand to sit in it.

Picture Buggs Bunny easing down into the tub saying "Eaaasy does it". I love that cartoon.

Ok - gotta go.

Nighty night rabbit.

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