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2004-09-07 - 2:23 p.m.

I had this friend when I was a kid. Her name was Herta... cause her mom was German. Her dad was black and she was the nicest mocha latte color, with green eyes. My dad used to tease her about her name and say "Herd of what, buffalo?" because he's the mad pun-meister and can't help himself.

Herta was my partner in crime. She was the buddy that got us busted for eating the demo in home ec, because she had evidence around her mouth when the teacher came back in. I was the one she told when she lost her virginity (waaaaay too freakin early.)

My family was military and we moved a lot. I lost contact with almost all my friends, but I have managed to reconnect with some of them.

I was thinking about Herta last night and I started google searching her name, hoping I could turn up some info on her. I found her. She's still in Colorado Springs. I found her name on a list of people who are buried at a certain cemetary in Colorado Springs.

I don't know what happened to her. She is buried next to her brother, who OD'd when we were in the 9th grade.

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