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2004-03-31 - 12:33 p.m.

I just found this website with horrible stories of awfulness. People can write in and tell why their life sucks and this is the first thing I read:

"I have an extremely rare progressive genetic disease which makes my hair grow in backwards. To the outside world I appear completely bald but beneath my skin I am tortured by millions of itchy, painful hairs. Since symptoms of my syndrome began presenting themselves in my 20s I have been able to function only by being under constant sedation.

Occasionally a particularly long hank of internal hair will wrap itself around an organ and strangle the blood supply causing enormous pain and necessitating a major operation. The hair which would ordinarily be on my head periodically forms a dense matted mass between my skull and menengis which must be removed via surgery. I must therefore undergo painful and risky brain surgery approximately once every three months.

Needless to say, sex is out of the question. What would normally have been pubic hair grew into my testicles

excruciatingly strangling their blood supply and swelling them to the size of grapefruit before they had to be removed. Anal hair encircled my colon and large intestine rendering them inoperable and necessitating a colostomy bag. The only thing that keeps me from killing myself is my deep faith in the almighty and morphine. Not necessarily in that order."

Never in my life have I ever heard of such a thing. I work in the medical field, but I've never heard of this. How absolutely horrible. I'm going to be tempted to post every story I read. Fortunately for everyone, I have things to do today, so I can't spend all day reading horrible stories and then posting them.

File this one under the "My Life Doesn't Suck as Much as I Thought" category.

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