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2003-08-30 - 11:45 a.m.


Because I don't want to move furniture right now. This weekend is supposed to be filled with fun activities like emptying out my spare bedroom so my sister will have a place to put her bed and her computer.

Sistah is motivated. She's climbing the walls because her pc is sitting on the floor looking dead. I'm in stress hell because my boss has gotten greedy and is making me want to look for another job rather than deal with his ignorance of reality and this makes me need some peace and quiet and some mindless rest-time for this weekend.

Eventually I'm going to have to go out there.


Why can't I just win the lottery and be done with the ridiculous crap that is corporate america?? I used to be such a happy workaholic, but lately, I just wish I could leave the rat race. I didn't understand the term "rat race" when I was new in the professional world, but now, I do understand it. ALL. TOO. WELL.

You know who the rats are? They are in charge. Rat, thy name is CEO.

I have been Reeeeally trying not to rant about my job.

Help... meeeeeeee

If anyone has about 50K a year or 75 to spare and wants to hire me.... I'm taking offers. I also will write your journal entries for the low low cost of how ever much you have on you. I am tired of being a professional person. I want to create stuff and do something fun and fulfilling.

A certain RAT I work with has ruined my weekend for the past 3 weeks in a row by dropping some kind of ridiculous shit bomb on me right before he leaves for the weekend. The funny thing is, if I suddenly left my job, they'd be up SHIT CREEK without a paddle, because I'm the only one who knows how to do what I do and my job brings in the revenue there. They could find someone to do a half assed job of it, but their financial well-being would suffer immediately and severely. They have actually been burned before by trusting another "expert" before me who claimed to know how to do it, but didn't. They lost mega thousands due to her "expertise". You'd think he would be afraid to risk losing me and having to trust someone else again.

I fixed that mess for them and everyone else appreciates me no end, but the CEO is annoyed that I make a decent salary. Nothing extravagant mind you, and certainly a BARGAIN for what he is getting, and yet, he seeks to renegotiate my deal for a lower price. I could just scream. Or quit.

This is not really so very funny today is it?


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