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2004-02-29 - 11:23 p.m.

OK - Something is rotten in Denmark. I did an entry a while ago and I came back to it just a few minutes ago and found that there were links ALL OVER MY ENTRY THAT I DIDN'T PUT THERE!!!

Not Acceptable.

I had a shitload of pop ups rapid firing at me and then when my entry posted it was all full of those links to certain sites which shall remain nameless, because I don't want them linking in here again.

I had to edit my entry, so if you read my last entry and it had some non-sensical words in it, like floom and workygig, it's because I had to do that to get the link out. I had to substitute a word that wouldn't trigger that link. Dammit.

That burns me up. I HATE pop ups and all the shitty companies that try to force you to click on their ads. I would go way out of my way to avoid spending my money with a company that would hijack me in some way and try to force their wares on me. Why do they keep going??? Are people rewarding that shit by patronizing them??? Don't click on pop ups!!! Never buy their crap, whatever it is!!!

I'm writing to Andrew, because there is something foul afoot here. I'm not saying Andrew has stinky feet. I just think he might be able to help stop the pop up and link assault.!!!

OK - this is an addendum. I just went back and found that links have been added in old entries that weren't there before, so I checked some other people's diaries and it's happening to other people too. ARGH. This needs to stop.

I'm going to try something here to see what happens: Hey, don't patronize the fucknuggets at the link under the words new career. They are losers and won't help you find a new career. Don't even bother clicking them, unless you are going to send them some vile hate mail or hack their lousy site. And drugs. Drugs, I say drugs. Don't click on their link to buy your drugs either. Idiots, one and all. And high school. Don't try their link. They are a bunch of rip off artists who have to get their customers by hijacking people's diaries. They don't deserve to exist as a company.

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