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2004-08-17 - 2:27 a.m.

I have a story to tell...

There is a guy that I met on the internet. He is on a quest. He is very handsome, but our relationship can only be friendship, because the lady he seeks must be approximately 6 feet tall. I measure in at a mere 5' 6" (almost). The height requirement is a non-negotiable detail... or so I thought.

During a very innocent exchange of emails, he asked me about my name. My real name is unusual and I am named after a female vampire from a classic old vampire story. (Something most of you gentle readers did not know about the Teets of Wilber) I emailed him the story of how I got my name and all of a sudden he was interested like never before.

He sent me an email telling me of his deep desire to be dominated and eventually killed by a beautiful strong woman during intercourse. His life would be a sacrifice to the woman. The ultimate sacrifice. He was in hopes that my name signified a lifestyle and not just a name. He said he is willing to actually die and he gave me a couple of the ideas he has had for carrying this out without causing me to get punished for the murder.

I sent him a nice "no thankyou" letter.

It's a shame he wants to be offed. He shore is purty, Paw.

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