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2005-04-04 - 10:28 p.m.

There's crazy shit going on at work and this time I am viewing it all from a perch of safety rather than being embroiled in it up to my eyeballs.

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.... It feels so good.

Please know that I fully realize that my own tender neck could be placed in the noose at any time... as these things do happen in the sultry, filthy, sin-filled world of scandal and mayhem, known as the healthcare industry... but for right now... Miss Teets seems to be safe.

Our administrator got the can today. The can of doom. The final stop on the corporate ladder. He didn't let the doorknob hit him where the good Lord split him.

A ridiculous debacle went down a week ago (which was pretty much his fault) and one of my absolute favorite employees left as a result, throwing us into a very bad position. I don't blame her for leaving. They were trying to make her kiss ass and instead, she told them to kiss hers. A nice move on her part. She was an excellent worker and she did a great job. I will miss her terribly. Now I have to start from scratch and try to find someone to do what has to be done.

Good luck to me.

Tomorrow I start out on yet another fabulous trip to Baton Rouge. It's seminar time again. I am glad, because I loves me some seminars. Knowledge is power, dontcha know. My mom and dad want to go with me, because my mother thinks my life is one big vacation. She thinks I am the luckiest duck ever because I get to live in hotels and travel all the time. Oh wait... I AM the luckiest duck ever. hehe

Anyway... she is always hinting that she wants to go with me next time I go someplace, so this time, she and Dad are coming with me. We are going to stop at The Myrtles and take the historical tour and hear the ghost stories. I'll give you the scoop when I get back.

Something nice happened today... the big boss was in town to ... uh.... fire the little boss... and he invited me to go to a sports bar and watch the basketball game with him after work. I had to say no, because I'm traveling tomorrow and I had to come home to get all my stuff, but I was honored to be asked.

We had crazy technical difficulties today. That sort of thing happens when Mercury is retrograde as it is right now. When I got to my office this morning, my monitor was black and it said "operating system not found".

Now see, THAT can't be good.

Then, my AT&T dialer was dead... meaning I couldn't transmit the billing stuff. Our email was down for half the day. So was our internet service. The girl I was going to train to take my good friend's place gave her resignation today. She's overwhelmed at the daunting nature of the assload of work they (we) want to pin on her now.


But you know what? There's NEVER a boring moment. I love it.

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