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2004-05-17 - 10:15 p.m.

I had a lot of fun making that survey and I am going to do another one any minute now.

I am jotting down questions as they come to me. Thanks to my friends who have answered the survey so far. I had a lot of fun reading your answers.

Thanks to super-suzan I will be forever afraid to cut a birthday cake all the way across. I had never heard of that superstition before and I shudder to think how many years of bad luck I've suffered needlessly. I learned that most of you had a dysfunctional family, and that apparently I'm the only one who had a Beaver Cleaver childhood. We'll see what Myra says. She had the same childhood I had, but I had already worn the parents down a little before she came along. She had it easy compared to me.

I got lots of laughs reading through those survey answers. Can't wait to do it again. I hope everyone will go on and do the survey. myramains pc is down right now, so I will have to get her to do the survey on my pc.

I'm going to be in Shreveport next week so I get to stay home tonight in my own comfy bed. I don't know what I'm doing after next week. I might stay on longer with this hospital. They are wanting me to train a new person to do an important job. I might actually have time off.

Myra and I are going to hit the road soon and go back to Hot Springs. It's about time we did that again. We had sort of planned to go every 3 months, but that didn't work out. The grandparents backed out of the babysitting deal, saying that the precious little angels can't come back until the 2 year old is 30. I can't imagine why Grandma would want to be like that. I know these sweet children couldn't have been a bother.

We can't leave the kids with their dad, because he will have them running drugs & liquor and mopping the brow of the local crack ho that he allows to crash at his place. Homey ain't got no sense, so he's out.

Our options are sorely limited. Too bad they don't have kennels for kids.

Hey, I think I'm getting one of my fantabulous business ideas!

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