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2004-07-27 - 12:07 p.m.

Myra just called and the doctor said all her bone scans, abdominal CT scan, and whatever else they tested came back NORMAL!!!! EXCELLENT!

He is concerned that he does not know what the nodules are in her lungs, but she has numerous small things in her lungs, primarily in the right lung. He wants to do a biopsy, but the nodules are so small, he isn't sure he can get it with the bronchoscopy procedure. If not, she would have to have an open lung surgery to get some of it.

All of these factors add up to this: We still don't know what it is, but we now know what it isn't.


I thought she might actually come home with a terminal diagnosis or something. My mind always goes for the worst case scenario when I'm worried.

Anyway, if her CT scans and stuff were clear, it means that even if the nodules are cancerous, it is in the earliest stage. It hasn't spread. But now, I think it's very likely not cancer at all. There's a list of about 20 things it could be.

So I'm feeling much better. My stomach has been miraculously healed. I am no longer tied to my bathroom, and things are generally about 1000 times brighter than they were 15 minutes ago!

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