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2004-12-16 - 10:22 p.m.

I just might be too good to return to my house. I'm used to the VIP life now. I took a few pictures at the request of Miss Evil. I don't think my little phone cam can do it justice, but here's what I've got:

This is part of the living room.. nothing too special, but comfortable.

The beauty, the glory, the jacuzzi...

Here's what happens when you put two tiny squirts of bubble bath in a jacuzzi.

You don't even want to know how many pieces of parrot shaped soap I now own.

This little do-dad is above the bed at the ceiling.

Here's more of the bed. There are 2 beds in here. I like one king size bed better than 2 queen sized ones. The king beds are softer for some reason.

Here's who misses me. The humblest dog ever.

I ordered room service tonight and charged it to the room. I suppose I can do that. I didn't want to miss the Donald. The Apprentice finale was on tonight. I ordered this chicken and pasta dish. They brought me the hugest plate of food I ever saw. I wonder how many chickens had to give their lives for that over-large dinner. There is not that much white meat on one bird. I barely made a dent in it. I also ordered a piece of cake that is sitting here almost as big as when I started. It's good, but I just can't do it. I wrapped it up and might eat it in the morning with coffee. It's very dark chocolate. Almost too chocolately if there is any such thing.

My hospital passed inspection. Yay. No deficiencies in my department. I haven't been there long enough to take credit, but I did bail their asses out on a thing or two. Nobody in the place knew what to give them at one or two points in the survey, and I did, because of my prior experience, so I was able to show them what they needed to see and tell them what they needed to hear. They were kind of pissed off and I was able to smooth them down. After spending 4 days there, which is long for a state inspection, they left with only a couple of suggestions for our improvement. Those things were duly noted and implemented and we have a fresh new year before we have to face that scrutiny again.

Did I mention my bosses want to give me a 4 day work week, allow me to take off on wednesdays, and pay me full time money and an extra couple hundred a week for mileage??? Did I? Huh? Are you starting to fear the end of the world, or is that just me?

Last night I dreamed my new boss was firing me and he was mad. haha. I was thinking about my situation and how too good to be true it is and the result was that dream. It could be that this will all go away one day. Or maybe... just maybe... I've stepped into something good that I didn't have before because I wasn't "corporate". Now that I am corporate, the money, the treatment, the everything is better. Much mo' better. I'm going to ride this wave as far as it will go. I am having a great time. If it all crumbles, I'll go back into my own practice with new contacts.

The Teets of survival are wily and capable.

The Teets of Tiredness needs to hit the sack.

gerg69, I have been listening to the Edge (in Dallas) through the miracle of online streaming. I have it in my favorites in Internet Explorer so I can pull it up quick. I like that station. They were playing a lot of Pantera the other day. They were playing a whole lot of Pantera for Dimebag the other day.

Let's seeeeeeee... what else do I have to say before I snooze?

Tomorrow I will be going home. Everyone clears out early. I'm going to wear jeans tomorrow. Casual Friday, dontcha know.

Alright, that's it. I gots to go.

As Dame Edna would say.....Goodnight possums!

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