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2003-10-21 - 11:49 a.m.


This happened to me and 3 other people on a weekend trip to Six Flags Over Texas, in Dallas a couple years ago.

We checked into our hotel room, 4 adults, all camping in the same room together. We spent the first night, with nothing unusual noted. The next day, we spent all day at the theme park, riding everything. When we returned, exhausted and sunburned, we hung out for awhile and then settled in to watch some TV before lights out.

Since everyone had been run ragged, we decided to just hang it up for the night and turn off the TV. Time to snooze.

I was laying there on my side for a minute, then I restlessly flipped over on my back and opened my eyes. Above me, scrawled in HUGE letters, and GLOWING in the dark, in a pitch black room, were the words:


Friends, we seriously considered getting out. The lights came on, everybody was up, and we discussed going someplace else or sleeping in the car. Ultimately, comfort won out and we stayed in the room, but it was a little spooky after seeing that.

The only explaination that could be possible is that an employee of the hotel came in during the day while we were gone and sprayed the message on with some kind of glow in the dark paint. It was not there on the first night of the trip. We were freaked out.

Now, this is just a tide-you-over story, till I can get home and compose you a serious scare. See you later....

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