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2005-01-22 - 5:58 p.m.

I picked Abby up from the vet this morning and I am surprised at how energetic she was, considering what she's been through. She was wagging her whole body and was stepping pretty lively. I brought her home and she was very happy to be home. She did jump up on my bed and when she bailed off the bed a minute later, she sort of yelp-whimpered. Now she is hesitant to jump off anything. This is good. She is not supposed t be jumping much. It's hard to keep her from it. Her incision is smaller than I would have expected. She is napping on my bed right now. I'm relieved that it's all over and she's ok.

I've been a homebody for the second half of today. I think I am going to stay home tonight and watch some shows I have Tivo'd through the week. I was thinking of going to Books-A-Million tonight, but I just called and special ordered the book I want that I knew those turkeys wouldn't have in stock anyway.

I made some chicken salad today that was so good that I am tempted to have it again for dinner. I chopped up apples, green onions, and cashew nuts to go in it. I bought stuff to make taco salad for dinner, and I need to stick with my plan. I am hungry right now. In fact.... I'm going to go cook right now.

Happy Saturday, peoples!

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