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2003-10-28 - 10:18 p.m.



I don't know what to say. I need to vent but I don't want to make any problems for anybody. How about one of my famous hypothetical situations?

Let's say something was going on that you knew about and you knew it was wrong and you really lobbied hard against it, but it still happened and people got hurt and the wronged party found out all about it, and you felt guilty by association and you just really felt generally crappy? And you lost a friend in the process?

What then? Huh? What?

OK, nuff said. I feel crappy and wish I could do a magic trick and change everything, but I can't. And so it goes...


Complete change of topic:

Mini scary story:

Once upon a time a Diaryland Diarist made a cool banner that people liked to click on. This made the diarist very happy. One day, she set the bananner banner up to run 800 times. And when she checked on her beloved bananner, it was somehow magically set up to run 1600 times!!!!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! That's scaaaaaaaaary, because she blew through nearly 2000 banners where she only meant to blow through 800. Kiddies, don't let this happen to you!


I am going to get into the scary "spirit" of things and post another spook story soon... like tomorrow. In the meantime.... the ghostie in my house is kicking up a little fuss lately, in honor of Halloween, no doubt. You know, the veil becomes very thin this time of year. I am always sensitive to the spirits during this season.

Here's what has been happening at my house:

Myra was laying on the couch, in the living room, by herself, dozing when all of a sudden she heard the hair raising sound of Cookie Monster's voice saying "yum yum yum yum COOKIE!". The sound was coming from a sesame street toy that was sitting in a chair across the room with no living thing anywhere near it. It had been silent and untouched for hours, at least. It just suddenly came on and did its thing. Myra was afraid to even look in the direction of that toy, because she knows we have a ghost and it spooks her plenty, even when she's not hearing toys come to life.

Another thing that has been happening repeatedly around here is this: We all keep hearing sounds that we then cannot explain. For example: I distinctly heard the sound of a flat book being dropped on the hard floor. I thought the cat must have knocked something off a shelf, but I couldn't find anything on the floor. I found nothing but a sleeping cat.

Myra heard a loud crash of dishes hitting the floor. She thought it must be the cat, knocking something down. (The cat takes a lot of blame around here) When she went to where the sound came from, there were no dishes or anything else on the floor.

Bink was getting ready to go someplace and she was in the house alone, getting ready. She had been here for a long time. In the bathroom, she found her curling iron hot and ready to go. This scared the crap out of her, since her curling iron was unplugged and had been unplugged all day.

We have all been hearing lots of noises lately. There is a deep pained wailing sound that I keep hearing in the mornings... it sounds like they're stepping on ducks in there but as it turns out, it's just Elvis Jr. farting like the madman he is.

Well, they can't all be ghosties.

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