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2005-04-02 - 8:21 p.m.

The Pope has passed on and now begins the 9 - count 'em - 9 days of mourning. Myra and I read up on the centuries old process of voting in a new supreme pontif. It is an interesting ordeal. The Pope had an interesting life. He'll be a hard act to follow, I would think.

All the residents of Teetsville went over to the parental units' abode for some low carb grilled beast. Fun was had by all.

Funniest/cutest moment of the day was when Wibby Woo had a fuzzy catepillar crawling up her arm and around her neck and face. She laughed like a crazed maniac. It was deep, funny laughter. She got a major kick out of that catepillar and she decided it was a girl and should be called Lela. Later she upgraded it to Belle Lela, because she is into Beauty and the beast and thinks Belle is the Beautifulest name.

I am happy to report that she was very gentle with the catepillar and she returned her little fuzzy friend to a tree in the yard before we went home.

I have coffee... blessed wonderful coffee... waiting for me. And so I must go for now.

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